Student Support

The Support Our Students Need

Low-income and minority students – and others from challenging backgrounds – often need ongoing training, encouragement, and intervention to address the most common root causes that prevent educational success.

ecoEDI gives our students the supplemental guidance that is often missing from their everyday lives. With our program, those with a commitment and desire to succeed no longer slip through the cracks.

To provide a strong and consistent foundation for each student’s education path, every program is guided by ecoEDI’s 4 Pillars of Student Success.


Right from the start, our professionals help each student make a realistic, individual education plan and match them with their best options.


Our students complete quality college-level courses at little to no cost, thus drastically reducing the overall cost of their education, saving thousands in tuition.


Each pathway is designed to accelerate the students’ journey while keeping pace with their personal goals and other obligations. Most students will finish the program in 2 years or less.


Our mentors address the most common root causes that keep students from successfully completing their education and help them stay accountable to their goals through out the program.

ecoEDI’s 4 Pillars of Student Success




& Accountability

In each of our programs, these four pillars work together to establish a firm and consistent foundation from which students can achieve their goals.

Without this foundation, the structure of a student’s education path is inherently at risk.

Practical Learning

Many students lack role models for important basic skills for educational, career and life success. Through a combination of self-paced online courses and virtual group coaching, we give each ecoEDI student a strong foundation.

Students also have access to a vast online library of information, so they can always find guidance from a trustworthy source.

Personal Finance
  • Banking
  • Budgeting
  • Paying bills
  • Filing taxes
  • Reducing debt and managing personal credit
Work and Study Skills
  • Time management
  • Enhanced study skills
  • Priority management
  • Goal follow-through
Career Planning
  • Effective self-promotion in the work world
  • Planning for a career transition
Social Media Success
  • Using social media to help your career
  • Pitfalls that can trip up your job search and career success
  • Navigating privacy
  • Cultivating a business image

Education Planning

Whether the right post-secondary education path is a trade school, a four-year degree or an alternative college, we help our students minimize wasted time, money or effort.

For education to be a worthwhile investment, students must be able to identify the subjects that will lead to gainful employment and a successful career, that match their skills and passions, and that will allow them to complete their education in an affordable and timely fashion.

Strengths & Interests Assessment
Identifies an area of study and worthwhile career that aligns with each student’s personal abilities, interests and passions.
5-Year Career and Education Plan
Channels students’ natural talents and passions into long-term success.
Higher Education Research & Placement
Guides students toward a school that matches their aspirations, financial situation, and personal needs.
Guidance on Affording a Degree
Uncovers scholarships, grants, avenues to pursue early college credit, and other ways to minimize the cost of an education.

Career Readiness

We show students multiple paths to success, introducing them to careers that require various levels of education. We also make sure they have the outside-the-classroom know-how to succeed. 

Career-Options Education
Exposes students to various career paths and their requirements.
Employment Skills Training
Teaches students how to navigate the job application and interview process, workplace etiquette, and other skills.
Internships & Apprenticeships
Gives students work experience, through our workplace partners, as they begin their career paths.
Future Entrepreneurs Program
Channels entrepreneurial ambitions and adds skills training in business planning, finance, networking, and more.

Mentoring & Accountability

We don’t just enroll students and set them on the right path. We make sure that students follow through with all of our program components. When life happens, we help them adjust their plans as needed and offer ongoing motivation to overcome any obstacles. We connect our students with the community in many ways.

1-on-1 Coaching
Gives each student a single ecoEDI point person who tracks his or her educational progress.
Workplace Mentoring
Pairs students (through our community partnerships) with community role models and offers résumé-building opportunities.
Peer Accountability
Brings together ecoEDI students in similar life and education stages to maintain accountability and provide support.
Real-World Connections
Fosters relationships with alumni at prospective universities, local small-business owners and other community members to ensure students build their personal networks.