How It Works

The ecoEDI program is based on Our 4 Pillars of Student SuccessThey provide the foundation for our entire program.

Join Us

Anyone age 13 or older who is committed to achieving career and education goals can enroll as an ecoEDI member.

Meet Your Mentor

Mentors work closely with their students to develop a 3-year career and education plan. Via weekly or biweekly phone calls, your mentor will hold you accountable, keep you on the right path and assist with choices and challenges as you forge a track that makes sense for you.

Register For Courses

ecoEDI members gain discounted access to hundreds of online, self-paced courses through our learning provider partners, with many courses offering the opportunity for transfer credits to colleges and universities nationwideCourses are also available on topics such as work and study skills, career planning, social media strategies, and personal finance. Course mentors and tutors from our learning provider partners are always available to advise and assist.

Connect With Others

Get support from other ecoEDI students in similar life situations and start building your professional network through online group hangouts, chats, messaging and learning opportunities. Course mentors are on hand to help students work through challenging topics.

Gain Real-World Experience

We work closely with students to create work-experience opportunities including job shadowing, internships and externships. Partnerships with local businesses, community organizations and alumni groups allow ecoEDI members a chance to build relationships and develop a wide-reaching personal network.


Completion will be different for each ecoEDI member. You’ll finish your ecoEDI education in one (or more) of these ways:

Earning an associate degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree

Earning a high school diploma

Starting your own business

Completing a career transition

Earning a career, professional, or technical certificate or diploma

Earning a vocational certificate

Transitioning to a traditional college or university

With your ACE or NCCRS courses transferring for credits (We’ll help you with the enrollment and transfer process, and connect you with other students and alumni.)