ecoEDI is the bridge between your dreams and a successful career.

A Self-Paced, Non-Traditional, Affordable Post-Secondary Education

Addressing the unique needs of students from socially and economically challenged backgrounds.

Reduce the cost of your post-secondary education by more than 60%.

Our partnerships lower your costs. Our resources help you succeed.

ecoEDI gives minority, low-income and disadvantaged high school students and adults access to affordable, self-paced, non-traditional post-secondary education. We help design an individualized education and career progression plan for each of our students – and we foster success through real-world life skills training, personalized mentorship, and accountability.

At ecoEDI, students not only take college courses in a way that fits their lives but they also get the support and tools to achieve their long-term goals and lifelong success, both inside and outside the classroom.

In addition to lowering the cost of post-secondary education by more than 60%, our program addresses the most common root causes that keep socially and economically disadvantaged students from successfully completing their education.

Turn your dreams into reality with the right education, at the right cost, with the right support.


Right from the start, our professionals help each student make a realistic, individual education plan and match them with their best options.


Our students complete quality college-level courses at little to no cost, thus drastically reducing the overall cost of their education, saving thousands in tuition.


Each pathway is designed to accelerate the students’ journey while keeping pace with their personal goals and other obligations. Most students will finish the program in 2 years or less.


Our mentors address the most common root causes that keep students from successfully completing their education and help them stay accountable to their goals through out the program.

Each ecoEDI Student Receives:

Cost-Effective Education

Through an innovative and agile approach, we create synergy and partnerships with a variety of affordable education institutions. Our students can complete quality college-level, credit-earning courses at little to no cost, thus reducing the cost of a college education by more than 60%.

Individualized Education Planning

Right from the start, our professionals help each student make a realistic, individual education plan and match them with their best options.

1-on-1 Mentor Relationships

By pairing each student with a mentor/coach committed to seeing them through their education experience, we help students follow through on their education plan, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Virtual Group Coaching

Online learning is a great way to work with a student’s schedule, but online learning does not mean you have to learn alone. ecoEDI’s virtual group coaching program allows students to support one another throughout their educations. Students also have access to live and recorded webinars with course mentors for added support.

Opportunities With Our Partners

Our strategic partners are part of the foundation of an ecoEDI education. They help us match qualifying students with scholarships, sponsorship opportunities, career-focused job shadowing, apprenticeships, industry mentors, internships, and externships. Our partners include corporate work-placement sponsors, local small-business communities, universities, trade schools, non-traditional higher education institutions, and others.

Practical Skills Classes

Through classes specifically designed for their realities, we teach students about personal finance and budgeting, time management, priority management, goal follow-through, enhanced study skills, effective self-promotion, planning for a career transition, making the best impression in a job interview, social media success in the job market, and more.

How Is ecoEDI Different?

Student-first business model


Low-profit limited liability company

Community involvement

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