High School Students

Middle School and High School-Aged

All  ecoEDI members have access to our learning partners’ offerings, as well as our practical learning courses, education planning, career readiness training, and mentoring.

Through our learning partners, you’ll be able to enroll in college-level, skills-based, and GED courses.


Right from the start, our professionals help each student make a realistic, individual education plan and match them with their best options.


Our students complete quality college-level courses at little to no cost, thus drastically reducing the overall cost of their education, saving thousands in tuition.


Each pathway is designed to accelerate the students’ journey while keeping pace with their personal goals and other obligations. Most students will finish the program in 2 years or less.


Our mentors address the most common root causes that keep students from successfully completing their education and help them stay accountable to their goals through out the program.

ecoEDI’s 4 Pillars of Student Success




& Accountability

In each of our programs, these four pillars work together to establish a firm and consistent foundation from which students can achieve their goals.

College Credits

Earn college credits with:

  • Access to college courses without meeting GPA minimums or other requirements – all you need is a desire and commitment to achieve your goals
  • Courses that can transfer for college credits at more than 2,000 colleges and universities (after passing proctored exams)
  • Significant cost savings over enrolling in courses at traditional institutions
  • A self-paced alternative to Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses, with no need to take A.P. exams and achieve specific scores to earn college credits
  • A self-paced alternative to dual-enrollment programs, allowing you to earn an associate degree if you desire
  • An environment where students with special needs can take college courses at the pace that works for them, with no classroom distractions
  • Courses you take at home; no worries about transportation

Jump Start

Get a jump start on a traditional college or university program by:

  • Taking online SAT, ACT, and other standardized testing preparation courses
  • Earning general education and other credits at your own pace before you enter college
  • Taking advantage of discounts from our partners
  • Identifying your career and education goals
  • Creating an attainable, tangible, education and career plan with your mentor
  • Working with your mentor to research and choose the best college or university for your needs
  • Connecting with alumni and students at the institution you plan to attend
  • Receiving one-on-one guidance to uncover scholarships, grants, financial aid and other ways to minimize the cost of your education

High School Diploma or GED

Earn a high school diploma or GED with:

  • Online high school options
  • GED courses
  • A personalized, concrete, attainable education and career plan that you create with your mentor
  • One-on-one mentoring every step of the way
  • Course mentors and cohort mentors
  • Every course is entirely self-paced, completed from your home, the library, or anywhere else you have internet access

Stand Out

Whether you’re applying for a summer job, after-school work, or a full-time job, stand out with:

  • College courses already under your belt
  • Exposure to various career paths and their requirements through our career-options education, which may open your eyes to career paths you never imagined
  • Résumé assistance, interview training, workplace etiquette training and other services – all part of your ecoEDI membership
  • Support from your mentor in navigating the job search and interview process
  • Job-shadowing opportunities with our community partners
  • Access to internships and apprenticeships with our community partners – which your mentor will help you locate and obtain
  • Entrepreneurial-skills training in business planning, finance, and more
  • Real-world connections with our community partners
  • Mentoring that takes place online or by phone, in your home or wherever is best for you


You can do the ecoEDI program along with your child! Learn more about ecoEDI for adult students..