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As an ecoEDI member, you’ll get more than a self-paced, non-traditional, affordable post-secondary education. You’ll get hands-on advising, mentoring, the support and tools you need to achieve your long-term goals. You’ll get a personal advisor who helps you design an individualized education and career plan, holds you accountable to your plan and works with you to modify it when needed. You’ll also get discounts on tuition and fees, access to scholarship opportunities, career connections, life-skills, and career-skills training, and more.

Planning Session

One-On-One Consult


  • 120-minute meeting (60-minute call and two 30 minute follow-up calls)
  • Assessment of students interest, education, and career goals
  • Detailed information regarding alternative options for college credit
  • A list of schools and/or learning providers that match the student’s interest
  • Guidance on affordable solutions to meet your goals
  • Work with student and/or parent to develop a comprehensive, affordable and attainable education plan
  • Detailed guidance on the alternative college credit transfer process
  • Provide additional resource information for scholarships and financial aid


Full Access

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  • 120-minute strategic planning session (60-minute call and two 30 minute follow-up calls)
  • Individualize education and career plan
  • Discounted rates for partnering learning providers
  • Eligibility for ecoEDI scholarships, grants and sponsorship opportunities
  • Regular weekly or bi-weekly mentoring sessions
  • Access to tutoring and other college prep via partnering providers
  • One-on-One Career coaching with opportunities for job shadowing and internships
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Interview coaching
  • Direct access to work placement partners
  • And more