The Company

What does ecoEDI stand for?
Our name reflects our mission, and ecoEDI stands for providing Economical Education through Innovation for all of our students. It is pronounced ēkō E-D-I.
Is ecoEDI non-profit or 501(c)(3) eligible?
No – we are a low-profit limited liability company (L3C), which is a hybrid of a non-profit and an LLC.
What is an L3C?
L3C stands for a low-profit limited liability company. Like a non-profit, an L3C must be formed to further an educational or charitable purpose. However, an L3C is not tax-exempt under IRS rules, and it may have equity owners who can receive profit distributions. Funding for an L3C can come from both foundations and from sources such as banks and angel investors. This form of organization allows us to partner with our education providers and others in ways that a non-profit would not be able to. It also allows us to prioritize student outcomes over company profitability – so our socially driven mission is built into our business structure.
Will I get a tax credit if I make a donation?
Please consult your CPA.
Is ecoEDI eligible for program-related investments (“PRI”) from foundations?
As an L3C, ecoEDI’s primary objective is education-related, and therefore it is eligible for PRI from foundations. However, the IRS does not automatically recognize investments in L3Cs as being PRI. Consult your legal counsel and CPA for further information; you may require a Private Letter Ruling from the IRS as assurance that an investment in ecoEDI would qualify as a PRI.

The Program

What does ecoEDI offer?
Through a combination of planning, mentoring, and affordable and accessible online learning, ecoEDI helps those who may not otherwise be able to find educational and career success.
How much does it cost?
ecoEDI has various levels of membership at varying costs. Members receive access to a personal mentor who will hold them accountable and help them with a 10-year plan. They also receive access to discounted college-level, skills-based and GED courses. Learn more about our rates.
What are the 4 Pillars of Student Success?
Our 4 Pillars work together to provide a solid foundation for our members’ success. We look to Practical Learning, Education Planning, Career Readiness, and Mentoring & Accountability as crucial areas of focus for all ecoEDI members. Learn more about the 4 Pillars of Student Success.
Who can enroll in ecoEDI?
Anyone age 13 or older who is motivated and committed to his or her career and education goals can enroll. Members may require a valid government-issued photo ID (e.g., a driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc.) to take proctored exams for certain courses.
Do I need to be currently enrolled in school to be a member?
ecoEDI works with adults who are looking to take their education or career to the next level, as well as middle-school-aged and high-school-aged students, whether enrolled in school or not. Via our mentorship program and strategic partnerships, we can offer a guided and affordable path to anything from a high school diploma or GED to vocational courses, college degree or enhanced entrepreneurship skills. Learn more about our post-secondary offerings.
What happens after members complete the program?
Every member of ecoEDI will have a different end goal. Completion can mean anything from earning an associate or bachelor’s degree to earning a high school diploma or GED, starting a business, completing a career transition, earning a professional vocation or professional certificate, or many other options.

The Courses

What types of courses can I take?
Members gain discounted access to hundreds of online, self-paced courses – many of which are accredited by the American Council on Education (ACE) or National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS). That means more than 2,000 traditional colleges and universities will grant you transfer credits for many of the courses you take, should you choose that path. Our partners also have agreements with more than 100 traditional colleges and universities; those institutions guarantee they will grant transfer credits for certain courses. Your mentor will also help you choose courses in topics such as work and study skills, career planning, social media strategies, and personal finance. Learn more about courses.
Does ecoEDI grant course credits?
No, only colleges and universities can grant credits. ecoEDI provides discounted access to online courses via our learning provider partners and guidance toward the correct path for career success.
How long does it take to complete a course?
All the courses our learning partners offer are truly self-paced and flexible. On average, students take 30 to 45 days to complete each course. You can choose to take less time, or more time, depending on your circumstances.
How will I know which courses to take and how to manage my online learning?
You and your mentor will decide which courses you should enroll in and when it’s best to take them. Your mentor will also help you get properly enrolled, familiar with the technology platform, and started with learning. Course mentors and tutors from our learning provider partners are available to assist you. Learn more about mentorship.
Why can’t I simply take courses on my own?
Choosing and managing an educational path can be confusing and expensive. ecoEDI offers guidance, training and support as well as access to our learning partner providers, all of which saves members time and money in their education journey. The ecoEDI path typically costs 60% less than a traditional college or university program, drastically reducing student debt. Learn more about cost comparisons and read about eight factors that keep people from a successful post-secondary education.


What will my mentor do?
You and your mentor will discuss your passions and goals, your skills and strengths, your time constraints, and your opportunities. Then, your mentor will help you develop a 10-year education and career plan that will allow you to attain your goals affordably and in a reasonable time frame. Your mentor will continue to work with you throughout your journey.
How will I keep in touch with my mentor?
Each ecoEDI member is required to have weekly or biweekly 30-minute phone calls with his or her mentor. Your mentor holds you accountable continually, keeping you on the right path toward your life goals, helps you make adjustments as your life changes, makes sure you enroll in the right courses and enables you to build your professional network. When the unexpected happens, your mentor will be there to help you figure out how to get back on track – or forge a new path that makes sense for your reality.

Career Planning

Will my online coursework be supported with real-world experience?
Yes. Your mentor (with the help of our local partners) will help you participate in job shadowing, internships, externships, and networking.
Will I meet other members in the program?
Yes. ecoEDI will facilitate meet-ups between similar students via online group hangouts, chats, messaging, and learning opportunities. Members will help each other work through challenging situations and build personal networks.