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Each of the listed providers offers a variety of course options. Your mentor will help you determine which provider and courses will help you attain your goals in the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and valuable manner.

Partner Providers


College and High School Courses, Plus Test Prep

A wide range of college and offerings, from Sociology 101 to and Chemistry 101 to ACT, GRE, and PRAXIS certification prep, with most of the lessons in these self-paced video courses taking 10 minutes or less.


Online College Courses

Courses include business, English health science, humanities, math, science, social science, languages, technology, and college prep, and eTextBooks come with courses.

Additional Resources

Penn Foster

Career-Focused Degree, Diploma, and High School Programs

Degree and certificate programs, trade programs, and high school diploma programs – including programs such as certified wedding planner diploma, accounting, automotive, paralegal, natural health for pets, Microsoft Office certifications and more.


Cyber Security and IT Career Training

Open-source training in IT and cybersecurity skills for beginner, intermediate and advanced professionals, with courses and micro certifications in everything from security architecture fundamentals and system troubleshooting to ethical hacking, CompTIA A+, and secure coding.


Higher-Education, Workforce Learning, and Professional Development

Take instructor-led or self-paced courses specifically for job-seekers looking to improve their skillsets and training credentials, as well as self-paced online college courses.


Professional Certificate and Degree Programs and Courses

Founded by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012, this non-profit, open-source Massive Open Online Course provider includes more than 120 partners and students from around the world and is governed by colleges and universities.


Tech-Focused Courses and Non-Degree Programs

Learn everything from iOS development and artificial intelligence to data analytics and self-driving car engineering, in courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.


Business, Software, Technology, and Creative Skills

This 20-year-old training provider has tutorials in five languages and works with companies including Adobe and Patagonia, with a focus on video-based courses.


Tailored Online College Courses

Offers approximately 40 courses recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education, as well as a variety of other courses, with eTextBooks, interactive activities, and access to external websites, video, blogs, and communities relevant to the topic.