The ecoEDI Advantage

The ecoEDI Advantage

A flexible, wide-ranging online course platform means a wide range of students can find the courses they need, in the format and times they need.

Our experienced mentors and staff provide education and career guidance to students of all ages.

We leverage a partnership network that helps students obtain grants and scholarships, tap into internship and apprenticeship opportunities, and connect with mentors and sponsors who will help further their careers.

We work primarily with students who do not have access to tuition reimbursement assistance, and we’re experts in helping them to obtain a quality education at a truly affordable cost.

8 Factors That Keep Students From a Successful Post-Secondary Education

ecoEDI Offers a Solution for Each One

1. Programs That Miss the Mark

Although institutions may claim they offer online classes and flexible scheduling, they often fall short in accommodating working or disadvantaged students, either because of limited schedules, unrealistic participation requirements or group-project expectations

ecoEDI Solution

A truly flexible education composed largely of online, self-paced courses.

2. Education Options Are Difficult to Navigate

Although more affordable higher education alternatives exist, it’s difficult for students to connect with the right program.

ecoEDI Solution

Staff members who provide each student with one-on-one guidance for navigating the alternative education landscape and choosing the best courses to prepare for the workforce

3. Lack of Mentorship and Accountability

Economically challenged and minority students often lack family support or guidance, which can keep them from successfully attaining their education and career goals.

ecoEDI Solution

One-on-one mentor/mentee relationship with a coach who can empathize with the student’s reality without allowing excuses or giving up.

4. Lack of Real-World Preparedness

Students often don’t know how to deal with their finances, prepare for job interviews, conduct themselves in the workplace or more.

ecoEDI Solution

Self-paced online courses, virtual group coaching and a library of resources that cover personal finance, work and study skills, career planning and social media success.

5. Limitations of Traditional Scholarships

Most education planning and guidance for low-income students has focused on competing for a limited number of academic and athletic scholarships, leaving most of the population underserved.

ecoEDI Solution

Courses provided at a lower cost, and a portion of net proceeds fund scholarships for students. Trained ecoEDI staff members dedicated to locating sponsorships and donations for tuition assistance and partner institutions work one-on-one with each student to identify and apply for local and national scholarships.

6. Limited Resources in Traditional Schools

Teachers, school counselors and resource providers in traditional education settings are overwhelmed and underequipped.

ecoEDI Solution

Business structure designed for a low student-to-mentor ratio, amplified by connecting students with current students and alumni from prospective universities, and with mentors in careers of choice.

7. Costs of Slipping Through the Cracks

When schedule or other challenges keep a student from passing a course, already-limited funds are stressed further, and the timeline for graduation is extended.

ecoEDI Solution

Mentor/coach committed to seeing each student through his or her education plan, even in challenging circumstances, as well as true peer accountability.


8. Lack of Business Network After Graduation

Even after completing a degree, many people from economically challenged or minority backgrounds still lack access to business networks needed for professional success.

ecoEDI Solution

Students’ professional networks build through our strategic partnerships with small businesses in each community, online group coaching sessions with peers, and connections to alumni at prospective universities.

How ecoEDI Is Different

Student-first business model

Our socially driven, student-first business model is integrated into the very structure of our business. Executives, team members, stakeholders and community partners are committed to each student’s success as our first and highest goal.


Our goal is to change the experience of post-secondary education for socially and economically disadvantaged students.

Low-profit limited liability company

As an L3C, we can partner with education providers and other organizations in ways that a nonprofit is unable to, and we can prioritize student outcomes over company profitability. Our student-first, socially driven mindset is built into the business structure.

Community involvement

Strategic partnerships with education institutions, corporations and small businesses in each community help our students make the most of their educations, build up their professional networks and transition into their careers. ecoEDI strives to serve as a liaison between students and community resources and stakeholders. Our mission is nothing less than working together to facilitate attainable and affordable education pathways to cultivate a generation of competent, self-sufficient students who will continue to pay forward what they have received.